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Just your average early morning view in Cape Town taking the dog for a walk…(!)

Been stressing recently with my filming project and general workload and have been waking early to take the doggie for a walk up the local mountain as a way of at least starting the day on a calm note.  Took this pic yesterday on 1 of my walks…

It’s amazing how quickly the human condition becomes immune to natural beauty.  When I first came here I would spend most of my days just looking around in amazement at just how beautiful CT was… these days you just take it for granted but every now and again a scene is thrust in your face that still simply takes the breath away.. this pic (taken on an iphone) is also a reminder why I must always carry a decent camera with me here!

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  1. Bruce Kravetz #

    Glad to see your at peace!

  2. Bruce Kravetz #

    I am making some inroads with my art but would be much happier in the trenches of Africa. I am starting to make plans to go back. I am getting a video camera a AGAC160 Pan. . I hope I am treated better. Regards Bruce


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