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Teaching Photography and the great rewards that come from it (Part 3)

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Linda Velapi receiving her photography award from Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu for winning the Nationwide photography competition organised by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation on the theme of Reconciliation.

Linda was given a Sony a300 camera as part of her award and a placement on a photography course at the City Varsity School of Media and Crerative Arts in Cape Town.

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  1. Bruce Kravetz #

    you piss me off. take me off this freaken list. this is the 5th time i have asked you

    • Unfortunately I can’t take you off my list you have to do it yourself Bruce. When the email notification comes in just delete yourself.
      As with the whole affair with AMISOM in Mogadishu – as I tried to explain – you had to be a proper accredited photographer to travel and stay at the AMISOM base in Mogadishu. As you are just a semi-amateur photographer with not much backing and does photography basically as a hobby it was not possible to get you accreditation. You could not just ‘tag along’ on some crazy journey. I love to help phoitographers bu I have come to realise that it can be self-defeating as some photographers are basically just strange and freakish – I would love to delete you from my list but as I explained I cannot. Feel free to delete yourself any time.
      If you persist I will forward all your correspondence to the PPA or PSA (although as basically I doubt you are registered with either).
      all the best

      wishing you all the best of luck in your endeavours. If you put half your negative energies into something more constructive you would be a good photographer.



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