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Adding Movement with Model and basic panned time Lapse Sequence

So.. the new Kessler shuttle pod and revolution head came in while in London and I decided to take it all for a little spin in London before I left to come back to SA.

I only had 2 short days to play and work out the equipment.  Managed to work out a basic motorised pan and decided only to use 4ft of rail rather than 8ft or the whole 12 ft.  I asked an actor friend to help out and managed to find an appropriate venue in Camden at short notice.  I have wanted to start playing with panned sequences in real life environments using models… I have seen some great panned time lapse sequences mainly out in nature, but my main focus in my work has and always will be people-orientated and I want to see how far I can take various panned sequences with subject matter with the main idea of doing time lapse sequences that can eventually have fashion, product application as well as the usual cutaways n B-roll… Basically I ultimately want to do a decent fashion shoot with the end product being a time lapse rather than stills…

I think the most important thing to try and suss out when doing all this is the underlying emotions that such work may evoke – In my opinion from all these sequences there are 2 main things that come out of them – one is of omniscience: where the model is standing back and observing the scene (even if she is looking towards camera in these) and of being a ‘world-apart’  – as if the model was almost ghostly and above the action.  I will try and develop these concepts in further time lapses… I have one planned hopefully for next week in Cape Town with 2 models and want to try and play with more complicated panning and synchronised movement…

But firstly back to basics and learning slowly from mistakes – From the first panned time lapse I did in Hangberg (see below) I noticed that blinking in between the shutter firing is essential – from these sequences here, it is apparent that breathing must also be carefully controlled and timed in between shutter firing… I am also getting increasingly interested with controlling the mid-ground (thanks to Stephen Tomasko for bringing it up in convo!).  Panned sequences work at their most basic with a foreground subject that is isolated using whatever tools – be it different speed action or variation in the lighting…. to add another dimension it will be interesting to play a bit with mid-ground and try and juxtapose it somehow with foreground.. I think the small basic movement test we did worked well too.. looking forward to adding to all that…

anyway – all for the future – I know this is all basic at the mo… but hope to add layer upon layer until it becomes something different and hopefully new… I haven’t even added different panned motion with the revolution head yet which can add rotational and vertical movement to a basic pan…. I was in Covent Garden recently and saw all the mime acts down there and had a whole new load of ideas!  It’s hard to know where this will all go… possibly nowhere! But excited to find out….

Back to reality tho for this week… Going to be working again with the peeps from Crunch Inc Communication (UK) for a Shell event… looking forward to it and the after event chats…!

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