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Awards and Hangberg work…

A walk through Hangberg - the coloured district of Hout Bay in the suburbs of Cape Town

Well award season is upon us as photographers.  The 4 main ones I tend to enter are International Loupe, Photography Masters, World Press and Sony.  Just a single Bronze Merit award for early Hangberg work this year at the Loupe Awards for above pic.  It is an incomplete project (and maybe should have waited before entering) but last year I achieved 9 Bronze and a Silver mainly for work in Mogadishu so still slightly disappointing – As I have blogged here many times I am trying to evolve my work away from conflict zones and the such so maybe to be expected for now…

I like the Loupe Awards cos there is a chance for feedback on work from the judges of which some has been useful.  I am at the initial feedback stages of my Hangberg work at the mo too and I realise I need a few extra months of shooting as I home in on what are its strengths…  have some early images for the Masters too and will see how it does come nxt March… Last year I achieved Nominations in 3 categories… anything close on that n will be happy for now…

On a different note, I am immersed at the mo with shooting a full fashion shoot time lapse sequence – possibly nxt Monday morn.  In the quieter moments last and this week during a job, I came up with some basic rules that will help turn out a decent stand-alone piece.  I do question whether taking on something so different like this with my other 2 personal projects is wise.. (I will blog soon about child rape crisis doccie)…. but having thought a lot about how to make it viable I do believe it is possible to turn smthg of mild interest into smthg with potential commercial application… to be very honest – on a personal level – I really love the medium itself and it is always a pleasure playing around with time lapse… Will blog nxt time on the success or failure once theory turns to application!

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