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First Attempt at a Stand-Alone Fashion shoot Time Lapse

Couple of weeks back we attempted our first stand-alone fashion shoot time lapse.  It worked OK and certainly provided us with a steep learning curve on the basic do’s and dont’s.

I think with time and development we will be able to turn it into something of value.  The few weeks in advance I thought carefully as to what might make it work.  The first golden rule I thought would be useful is that if it has any chance of working, we have to end the sequence on a strong fashion shot.  Then we worked back and decided what model and extras movement could lead up to this moment.  We had a feeling that the bigger the difference between final and first shot, the more interesting the time lapse could be.  Ultimately we wanted to come from a position of as much compositional chaos at the beginning and end up – following some interesting movement – at a strong fashion shot.

Well, this is our first result – have a bit to go before we will be able to start putting a strong portfolio together but we are looking forward to our next one soon already.  A photographer who I showed it too said to me recently that it looked interesting but we had to fundamentally differentiate the direction we took this all in from what was possible to do (very simply) with green screen and cgi in film.  Good point. We are planning a trip into the Karoo at some point with a single dancer/model.  I want to make use of the ‘American Sky’ lighting technique that I use often in my photographic work (where the studio light overpowers the daylight basically) and add astral time lapse and cloud movement to the concept.  Think we will slowly come up with some eye-catching and interesting time lapses.  Hopefully, we will also slowly add layer upon layer and make the sequences themed and more intricate…

We also have to start slowly placing products into them to give an obvious idea of how the concept can possibly be used commercially one day.

For a first attempt we are happy esp with what we have learnt and look forward to applying it in future…

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