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Xmas hols in Hangberg

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Took Nils Herrmann – Paris high-end jewelery, product and fashion photog into Hangberg yesterday.  Was great having a fellow photog around…. sometimes shooting over the last year the project has felt directionless at some points… esp coming from a news orientated background where your focus is always short-term and you know pretty much what the type of shot you want… working on my long-term book project there is such a different fish for me… it was good therefore to get another photog to come in and listen to his useful opinions and views…he seems overall to have loved it all as much as I have loved Hangberg the past year… always enjoy going in and hanging out there… hope the end product will do Hangberg justice…

Anyway – as this is the last post of the year… Wishing you a Happy New Year! Hope you all have a good one.  It looks like I might be heading into South Sudan early in the New Year (depending on the very fluid situation there)…  so will def enjoy my NYE and think (and blog!) about it all much later!

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