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Creatures in the Dark

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Going through old series for a new website (it’ll go live end June/beginning July… I’ll write a short blog about the process next which has been different and interesting to say the least), I found this mini-series from a few years ago that I now intend to slowly resurrect, albeit in a slightly different form in the coming year.  I was helping a colleague shoot something or other a few years ago in Tokai and Newlands forests in Cape Town, when in the lull in between shooting I started taking close-up pics of the forest environment of my own.  In the textures of the bark of the trees and the formations of small rocks I could make out faces, even contorted creatures of old legend and myths that I tried to capture through balancing flash light and manipulating as much as I could the available light.  I took it up a few more times on my own time too and even started using a macro lens when it was warranted.

Back when I was a more a news photographer I guess this didn’t really fit in anywhere so I quietly put it on a old hard drive and let it gather digital dust!  It was fun doing it though and look forward to taking it forward in some form or another – even if it does become just a big old personal project!

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