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Writing a short artist statement

‘Art is not something one does, it is what one is. An artist is made up of all that she or he has ever done, felt, experienced or been. And the art that the artist creates—if she or he is true to self—is an expression of all that has been done, experienced, felt or been.’  Paul Donohoe (social documentary street photographer).


It has become increasingly clear recently that I had to sit down and come up with a short statement that defines the vision and focus of my socio-documentary art photog.  It is often a requirement when submitting work and it is an essential part of putting forward what drives and motivates me as a photographer in my work.  While I have a clear idea in my head, putting it all down on paper is a trickier business than it looks!  I spent a good hour going over my pics and reading all the synopses to try and define it all in a few sentences.

But it was also a great personal exercise.  Getting away from the ‘who, what, why, where and when’s’ of documentary or more precisely news photog and being given the freedom to express some sort of humble vision is emancipating and brings me closer to my own work in ways that I didn’t feel before.

Having to be more introspective has helped me to understand myself in ways I didn’t really appreciate too – the fact I am always seeking out the absurd and abstract in life at the frontiers of modern life is a reflection of my own desire to always stay on the outside – be the observer – maybe even voyeur but never truly engaging.  Photography was almost a match made in heaven in this respect.  It has allowed me to seek out the weird and wonderful but by being able to put a large camera body up to my face – it has preserved the distance and disengagement which I guess really mirrors my own way of life in many ways.

While I am excited to be finally presenting my projects soon (it has been a long time coming!)  Whatever the outcome I know I have become a better photographer because of them.

Artist Statement:

My work seeks out the spaces where clash creates the wonderful and surreal at the frontiers of homogenised Western society – Be it in wide open deserts or in densely packed urban spaces. Where contradiction creates upheaval and change. Where the chaotic and abstract evolve. Where the end of one cycle gives birth to something transformative that is always innately beautiful. I am driven to capture the process of renewal that on a larger scale are reflected in the rhythms of nature and life.


Xmas hols in Hangberg

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Took Nils Herrmann – Paris high-end jewelery, product and fashion photog into Hangberg yesterday.  Was great having a fellow photog around…. sometimes shooting over the last year the project has felt directionless at some points… esp coming from a news orientated background where your focus is always short-term and you know pretty much what the type of shot you want… working on my long-term book project there is such a different fish for me… it was good therefore to get another photog to come in and listen to his useful opinions and views…he seems overall to have loved it all as much as I have loved Hangberg the past year… always enjoy going in and hanging out there… hope the end product will do Hangberg justice…

Anyway – as this is the last post of the year… Wishing you a Happy New Year! Hope you all have a good one.  It looks like I might be heading into South Sudan early in the New Year (depending on the very fluid situation there)…  so will def enjoy my NYE and think (and blog!) about it all much later!

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